Voice of the Citizens

Forget about those dreadful key combinations to do trivial things in the worst possible way - don't break your fingers trying. GET. IT. NOW.

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Using more than 1% CPU? Time to restart from scratch!


Performance, no matter what - That's our mindset.
We're developing an application to enhance gaming experience, it would be quite pathetic if it introduced a hit to your frames per second in-game.

VOTC will not induce more than 1% CPU usage if you exceed our minimum system requirements, giving you all the benefits of using your voice to bypass keystrokes, change music without alt + tabbing, bragging to your friends on twitter and facebook about your victory while being ingame amongst many other things while still maintaining the raw performance your PC has.

  • Latency from voice to keystroke is 63% lower than our competitors.
  • Accuracy of voice commands is up to 32% better than our competitors.
  • Accuracy of dictations is up to 2x better than our competitors.


Unlike our competitors who provide you with a editor to create / modify user created profiles, we give you full access to the entire C# 6.0 stack.
You can create anything. Literally anything.
VOTC has also passed the Steam Greenlight program thanks to your support. What does that mean? We have the Steam Workshop! Can't get easier than that for both users and developers to interchange scripts.

Benefits for users:

  • Scripts get updated automatically. No more checking manually on forums and websites.
  • Central Place where ALL Scripts can be found, filtered and searched
  • Contact developers, comment, request features, submit patches, rate, interact.

Benefits for developers:

  • Free hosting of scripts
  • Visibility and reach
  • Easy interaction with your users
  • Easy deployment and updating

Sounds good? Get it for FREE!

VOTC will remain completely free without any limitations forever. If you want to support me you can donate using PayPal or by purchasing a donation DLC on Steam which has no contents. You'll receive a unique thank you letter on the e-mail you used to donate within 24 hours :)

Check it out on Steam!